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What you need to get started with your remote workforce

Remote Contact Centre

What you need to get started with your remote workforce

Plus how to manage your remote contact centre and maintain consistently high levels of service quality

Working from Home

While many organisations were already looking at increasing remote working, pandemic-driven lockdowns made it a business imperative overnight. The new normal brings new challenges for contact centres and changing needs from customers, agents and businesses themselves.  Not to mention that many interim solutions implemented for the lockdown may not be able to cope moving forward.

We have pulled together the following resources to help you support your contact centre team to work from home. Everything to get you started, then maintain consistently high levels of service quality and manage your remote workforce.

remote contact centre

Quick Guide

Managing Remote Contact Centre Agents

This guide provides insight into the tools required to manage a remote workforce successfully

  • Embrace innovation through the cloud and AI
  • Effectively manage service quality
  • Optimise agent performance and wellbeing
  • Ensure security and compliance

The benefits of homeworking for the contact centre

In light of ever-evolving customer expectations, volatile market conditions and a growing talent shortage, businesses are turning increasingly to alternative ways to operate their contact centre. Setting up skilled agents with the right technologies in a secure and robust work-from-home environment can significantly burst capacity and productivity of your contact centre.

Remote agents can be deployed relatively quickly and at short notice, offering immediate support in times of fluctuating, unplanned demand or seasonal peaks. Work-from-home contact centres not only offer businesses the agility and scalability to drive exceptional customer experience and profitability but also hold the potential to significantly enhance the work-life balance of their employees.

Access a wider talent pool across geographies

Ensure business continuity and uninterrupted operations

Easily ramp up or down as you need to adapt to unforeseen events or changes in cproducts/quality-control-customer-insightsontact volumes

Minimize carbon footprint and create a positive environmental impact

Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty

Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty

Further Reading

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Quick Guide to Remote Working for the Contact Centre

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Blog: Optimising for Contact Centre Remote Working

The pandemic forced many companies to switch to remote customer service overnight. Now, those initial systems and hasty processes will need to be replaced or updated with more robust capabilities.


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Enghouse Cloud Contact Centre Brochure

Reliable, secure and always highly available, with capabilities relevant to the smallest and largest organisations.

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Whatever your ‘new normal’ is now, we’re here to help.

Many of the hurried homeworking workarounds are starting to creak according to 2020-21 UK Customer Experience Decision-Makers’ Guide.

If you’re searching for a robust, feature-rich solution to support your remote workforce longer-term. Enghouse Interactive offers two primary options:

  • Enable your existing contact centre platform to support your existing agents remotely
  • Quickly deploy our Enghouse Cloud Contact Centre to new remote worker destinations

Enghouse Cloud, our award-winning feature-rich cloud contact centre, can be set up and operational in just hours. See also our extensive set of reporting, call recording, agent evaluation tools, workforce management and advanced integration capabilities.

Enghouse Cloud Contact is the solution for your profitable, customer-centric business. Please fill in the form if you would like to talk to one of our experts.