The new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force on the 25th May 2018. With all the confusion and noise around the threat of large fines for breaches of the Regulation, it is important to understand how GDPR can impact your contact centre operations.

The GDPR will affect all companies who do anything with personal data and who operate in the EU or have contact with individuals based in the EU. Enghouse takes protection of personal data seriously and is actively working on alignment to and compliance with the upcoming GDPR legislation.

Enghouse Interactive ran a webinar, “What does GDPR really mean for my Contact Centre Operations?” where Robert Bond, a Partner at leading city law firm Bristows LLP,  helped de bunking the GDPR myths and explained how the new law may affect businesses. He also shared his top tips to help comply with the new GDPR Regulations especially within contact centre.

Remember, technology can help you manage and understand your data but your policies and procedures need to be able to ensure your organisation complies with the GDPR principles and data subject rights.

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Enghouse takes protection of personal data seriously and is actively working on alignment to and compliance with the upcoming GDPR legislation.  We are engaging with all Enghouse business stakeholders, to respectively ensure that:

  • There is understanding of the obligations regarding  interactions with personal data
  • Departments and the employees within them know their roles and responsibilities
  • We understand our customer’s needs relative to our products
  • All departments of the business are aligned to one overall structure
  • We can demonstrate accountability and transparency
  • There is consistency in our global approach to GDPR compliance

Enghouse Interactive summarises ideas to assist you on your road to GDPR compliance.




It’s not too late to get on the compliance journey!

Robert Bond, Partner, Bristows LLP

Robert has nearly 40 years’ experience as a legal expert and author in the fields of e-commerce, computer games, media and publishing, data protection, information security and cyber risks. Bringing a wealth of knowledge of GDPR, working with numerous organisations on their data protection and privacy laws.

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