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2022 Inner Circle Guide to the Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer Guide

2022 Inner Circle Guide to the Voice of the Customer

What are the most useful UK VoC programme Benchmarks?

Voice of the customer (VoC) programmes strive to capture customer feedback across multiple engagement channels engagement such as IVR, live agent, email, etc.  Most important, their aim is to enable closed-loop strategies to support customer retention, employee development and omnichannel experience optimisation.

Typically, VoC programmes trigger alerts with role-based delivery via the use of text and speech analytics. In addition they offer statistical modelling services to pinpoint root causes, and digitally track progress and results with case management.

Voice of the Customer Guide

The definition of what a VoC programme can be is very wide. From simply sending alerts based on key words derived from a survey, to more complete solutions that directly contribute to contact centre optimisation and overall CX improvement.

Voice of the Customer Guide

2022 Voice of the Customer Guide

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As a rule, VoC is an ongoing, iterative process

  • Capture: gather customer feedback and associated data
  • Analyse: develop insights into trends and themes, and understand root cause
  • Act: close the loop by addressing negative issues at an individual and process level
  • Measure: check to see that any actions taken have had the required effect
  • Capture again…

VoC projects are often undertaken as part of a wider customer experience programme. Contact centre industry experts ContactBabel recently carried out research with over 200 UK businesses to understand how well their organisation currently supported their customer experience programmes. In the main, the results were far from positive. In fact, 39% of organisations stating that their CX technology was either poor or average.

We invite you to download the 2022 The Inner Circle Guide to the Voice of the Customer by ContactBabel. Sponsored by Enghouse Interactive, this guide looks at many factors that affect VOC programmes and contains many useful benchmarks:

  • Effectiveness of methods for gathering customer insight
  • Net Promoter Score by selected vertical market
  • Customer satisfaction score – actual and target
  • Methods of gathering customer surveys (in contact centres using surveys)
  • Proportion of customer surveys gathered by method
  • Usefulness of analytics for improving CX
  • What are the top 3 most important factors to you when contacting an organisation by phone or digital channel?
  • What are CX metrics favoured by senior management to judge the success of the CX programme

Unlocking Customer Insights: Turning data into actions that matter