Solutions for NEC A unique customer contact solution integrated with NEC Telephony.

Solutions for NEC

Our NEC compatible solutions are robust, reliable and flexible nature. Enghouse Interactive contact centre and unified communications solutions, embrace the single database architecture,  helping knowledge workers, executives, contact centre agents and operators to work together more effectively.

Optimise your NEC investment

Customer communication is everything today, so is understanding where you need to change business practice. Capture the metrics that are important to you, quickly, so you can be smarter. Enghouse Interactive provides an out of the box comprehensive set of tools to measure and improve your services.

Through the acquisition of companies like Zeacom, Enghouse Interactive continues to invest in the development of our NEC portfolio.


  • Exceptional functionality at an affordable price
  • Develop the full potential of your NEC telephony
  • Solutions for operators, helpdesks, customer services and knowledge workers
  • Scale-up your contact centre solution as your business grows

Take a look Enghouse Interactive NEC Multichannel Contact Centre Capabilities

A truly Unified Communication solution

Most Unified Communications vendors have created their product by integrating different pieces of software – often produced by third party suppliers and built on a different code base – into one offering.

As a result, they require several servers to run separate products. NEC’s UCB has an entirely different approach. NEC solutions are truly unified, since they are built from the ground upwards.

UCB runs on a single server and brings together presence, unified messaging, mobility, desktop telephony, the contact centre, operator console functionality and much more into one application.

Improve your organisation’s efficiency and productivity with UCB’s Process
Automation. This helps get rid of time consuming, mundane manual processes which all cost staff time.

Presence provides your operator with a wealth of information and functionality:

  • Staff phone status: E.g.: idle / ringing, on inbound / outbound call
  • Staff profile status: E.g.: in / out of the office, on vacation, in a
    meeting, plus alerts when staff return to their desks
  • Estimated Time of Return (ETR): The operator can also change
    Presence profiles and ETR for staff who are out of the office
  • Voice messaging status: Number of new / urgent messages

Unified Messaging solution lets you access your voice and fax messages from within your email application, and automatically synchronises your Presence with your Microsoft® Outlook or Lotus Notes Calendar.


As customers ourselves, we can all identify with good customer service on the phone. On the flip side, bad service is rarely tolerated more than once!

With Operator Console, receptionists are empowered to manage incoming calls more professionally and efficiently then ever, creating a better customer experience.

They know who’s calling, who’s available

Since we have had the new system we have reduced our call waiting times by 50%

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