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Transform Service Delivery

CX Solutions for Local Government

Transform Service Delivery

Meet growing demand with our CX Solutions for Local Government

Keep up with the expectations and demands of your citizens


Local authorities are under enormous pressure to reduce operational costs. At the same time demands for better digital services are increasing. They need to transform to keep pace with their ever-changing, digitally connected public.

With our solutions for local government, you can empower your agents and advisors to work more effectively. Connect your entire organisation together, so your front-line teams can collaborate with mid-offices, back-offices, branches, and remote workers. And importantly, provide innovative self-service options so your customers can find instant, trusted answers, whenever it suits them.

We can help you to improve your customer experience, increase customer engagement and better manage the cost to serve.

CX Solutions for Local Government
Solutions for NEC
Meet Increasing Demand

Help agents resolve queries more quickly and consistently. Manage growing interaction volume and channels and increase first contact resolution rates.

Improve Operations, Lower Costs

Integrate your systems for significant savings. Reduce CTI project time and costs with out-of-the-box integration for all major communications systems.

Chatbots & AI Solutions
Connect and Collaborate

Deliver fast, effective service to residents by building a connected customer service operation that helps agents resolve queries more quickly.

Make service improvements and efficiency savings and deliver excellent customer experiences through every interaction, touchpoint, and channel.

Helpful Fast Service

Make every customer interaction count and select the best contact centre capabilities for you. From the latest channels, platforms to flexible deployment options.

Empower Your Customers

Enable your citizens to self-serve. Via your website, chatbots, speech recognition, touch-tone, SMS, web, and more innovative options.

Leverage Existing Investments

Lower the cost of CTI, increase the effectiveness of your CRM platform, integrate directories and extend collaboration tools to your contact centre.

Monitor, Coach and Improve

Be compliant, resolve disputes, accelerate training and gain actionable insights to identify bottlenecks and continuously improve service delivery.

Control Your Costs

Gain visibility and manage the cost of communications. Call accounting and analytics will help you to spot fraud and maximise the ROI of business-critical services.

Secure Video Chat

Make video calls easily accessible to council residents. Support remote and social care workers and keep your whole organisation connected.

Deliver more collaborative working. Drive greater efficiency and productivity between the contact centre and your whole association.

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Transforming Local Government

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Transforming Local Government Customer Service Technology for the Digital Age

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Scheduling call-backs and enabling self-service for routine enquiries cuts waiting times and dramatically improves first call resolution.

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