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Engage more closely with your tenants

CX Solutions for Housing Associations

Engage more closely with your tenants

Benefit from top CX Solutions for Housing Associations

Create great customer experiences for all


Housing providers are under pressure to drive operational efficiencies while maintaining high levels of tenant satisfaction. It’s a difficult task.

Social housing needs to encourage tech-savvy tenants to communicate online and through self-service. At the same time, they need to maintain traditional voice-based communications for those people more comfortable with phone calls.

However, technology can help overcome these challenges, to build more positive relations with tenants, and face the future with confidence. This includes integrating the contact centre with the latest collaboration tools, putting service at the heart of any communications approach.

CX Solutions for Housing Associations
Meet Increasing Demand

Help agents resolve queries more quickly and consistently. Manage growing interaction volume and channels and increase first contact resolution rates.

Improve Operations, Lower Costs

Integrate your systems for significant savings. Reduce CTI project time and costs with out-of-the-box integration for all major communications systems.

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Connect and Collaborate

Deliver fast, effective service to residents by building a connected customer service operation that helps agents resolve queries more quickly.

Help improve first line support, open up new communications channels, empower tenants to self-serve and improve customer satisfaction.

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Provide the best possible customer service and help them to resolve any concerns and issues.

Drive Up Tenant Satisfaction

Make every customer interaction count. Select the best contact centre capabilities for you, from the latest channels, across platforms and flexible deployment options.

Empower Your Tenants

Offer self-service applications to manage simple routine tasks. Empower customer to self-serve and free up your agents to concentrate on resolving key issues.

Leverage Existing Investments

Lower the cost of CTI and integrate your ICT systems to improve productivity. Make the whole of your association responsible for customer service.

Build Intelligence and Improve

Monitor the quality and performance of your agents. Build in actionable intelligence from your activities and share information across the association.

Secure Video Collaboration

Make video calls easily accessible to tenants for ‘see-what-I-see’ visual troubleshooting. Keep your own associations connected and support remote workers.

Automate Routine Tasks

From rent reminders, log repairs, and service schedules, send actionable notifications via SMS, email or integrated apps, enabling two-way communication.

Going Digital

How housing associations can use technology to rebuild trust

This guide is explains how (re)building trust starts with providing an excellent customer service that meets the needs of residents. Discover how technology can improve housing associations’ customer service by offering a wider range of channels, self-service tools (such as chatbots), and streamlining processes through automation.

Housing Associations Customer Service Guide

Housing Associations Customer Service Guide

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Deliver more collaborative working. Drive greater efficiency and productivity between the contact centre and your whole association.

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