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Deliver Excellent Patient Experiences

Healthcare Customer Communication Solutions

Deliver Excellent Patient Experiences

Leading Healthcare Customer Communication Solutions

Good communication is essential for quality care and the delivery of excellent patient services. Healthcare providers face many challenges substantial in scale and complexity.

Now more than ever, they need to overcome the limitations of legacy systems and urgently redesign and improve processes.

Enghouse Interactive’s solutions offer many opportunities to streamline processes and transform how you support patients.

From delivering exceptional patient care by improving outcomes, satisfaction, and efficiencies with purpose-built for healthcare real-time video. To improving patients ability to connect and engage thanks to self-service, chat, IVR, SMS, and more.

Find out how you can provide exceptional patient experiences without sacrificing compliance, budgets, or staff productivity.

Healthcare Customer Communication Solutions
Improve Patient Experience

Ensure patients are routed to the best-equipped advisor by customizing workflow processes and improving your defined patient access strategy.

Live Video Chat
Offer Virtual Care

Where traditional care delivery models may struggle, telehealth addresses several of healthcare’s most prominent needs and pain points – safely.

Streamline Patient Communications

Benefit from a single system across sites with centralised remote administration. Integrate with existing back-office systems for a smooth patient and employee experience.

Are you considering a virtual health program, or thinking about improving your existing telehealth infrastructure?

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Deliver measurably better experiences through every interaction, touchpoint, and channel, for both staff and patients

Reach Patients Everywhere

Use quality real-time video experience to deliver patient care via virtual face-to-face consultations, remote patient monitoring and more.

Empower Clients & Patients

Free up your staff through cost-effective self-serve options such as speech recognition, touch-tone, web, and mobile options.

Be Proactive

Proactively notify patients of appointments, prescription, test results, etc and help decrease wait times and no shows.

Improve Patient Engagement

Help patients to connect and improve their call experience. Intelligently route calls to the appropriate staff member quickly.

Improve Call Handling

Enable receptionists and administrators to manage and dispatch interactions to the correct person quickly and efficiently.

Quality Monitoring

Develop a comprehensive view of all interactions, with voice, text and data recording as well as live monitoring of calls.

Healthcare Customer Communication Solutions

Optimise scarce resources, improve patient satisfaction scores while reducing costs.

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