Eptica Overview Eptica Intelligent CX Solutions Drive Customer Engagement Excellence and Deepen Actionable Insight

Digital Customer Engagement

Conversational and collaborative solutions to enhance customer experience

Now part of Enghouse Interactive, Eptica enables companies to place digital customer engagement at the heart of their strategy. Specialising in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Eptica makes the best use of AI and cognitive technologies to manage your digital interactions and enhance your customer engagement.

Eptica’s software solutions enable contact centres to offer more meaningful customer interactions, whatever the channel, and provide a deeper understanding of customer behaviour, emotions, risks of churn, intent and more.

Eptica’s Solutions Enable Companies To:

Automate Conversations

Help your customers to help themselves by automating simple queries and freeing up agents to handle more complex interactions.

eptica automated

Empower Agents

Bring together technology and human emotional intelligence to deliver the most relevant and personalised responses.

eptica augmented

Deepen Customer Intelligence

Develop your customer intelligence and optimise experience throughout the customer journey through real-time, actionable customer insight.

eptica customer intelligence

Eptica’s Digital Engagement Solutions:

  • Offer choice and flexibility to help respond to customers via any channel quickly and efficiently
  • Enhance conversations with artificial intelligence to provide a better customer experience
  • Support all your deployment preferences: on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid

Convenient 24/7 Online Customer Service
Help your customers help themselves by implementing a dynamic self-service on your website to deliver a consistent, high quality and seamless experience. Use linguistic technology to match your customers’ questions with answers from your knowledge base. Deflect and pre-empt low-value or repetitive queries so that your agents can focus their time on supporting customers with more complex or high-value requests.

At the heart of delivering excellent CX
Implement a dynamic, centralised knowledge base. Integrate your knowledge across all channels, available to share with your staff and continuously enhanced by all daily through customer and agent interaction. Help to break down silos between channels and teams and share information and resources through a centralised, self-learning knowledge base. This not only improves the experience but also increases efficiency and lowers costs.

The Best Personalised Response, First Time
Email remains a key and growing channel for customer service. Combining intelligent routing and automatic answer suggestion means your agents can increase their productivity, improve quality and accuracy as well as responding more quickly and consistently.

Actionable insights to optimise the customer experience
Vecko is a multichannel solution which easily integrates with all conversational platforms and feedback programs. It extracts actionable insights, with greater than 95% analysis accuracy, helping organisations identify and leverage the “why” hidden in NPS and CSAT feedback.  Vecko enables a deeper understanding of customer behaviour, emotions, churn risk, intent and more, helping you to deliver a better overall customer experience.

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From banking, insurance, retail, tourism to the public sector, organisations trust Eptica, an Enghouse Company, to manage their customer conversations effectively.

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