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Keep up with your customers’ expectations and increasing demands

Customer Experience

Keep up with your customers’ expectations and increasing demands

Customer Experience is the result of every interaction a customer has with you


One of the main brand differentiators, CX is now widely seen as offering a significant competitive advantage. Get it right and your CX will be the key to reducing customer churn and increasing revenue and profitability.

As a leading global provider of customer experience technology, Enghouse Interactive offers the most cost-effective solution for customer communication. We help make every single contact a positive experience.

Customer Experience

Exceptional customer experience is about removing the need for the customer to put in time and effort. Here are some of the ways we can support you.


Show your customer that you value their time. Offer the convenience and reassurance of self-service, with access to instant answers 24×7.

Channel Choice

Today’s consumers want to use a wider range of channels, depending on their need. And they expect you to be able to cater for all of them.

Voice of the Customer

Go beyond surveys and NPS scores. Really listen and identify ways to continually meet and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Proactive Customer Service

Keep your customers up to date on their interactions with well-timed and targeted notifications. Help prevent problems, reduce cancelations and improve payment receipts.

First Contact Resolution

Most consumers would agree that first-contact resolution is the most important factor in measuring their customer satisfaction when contacting a business. Give your FCR rate a boost!

Online Communities

Create a community forum and empower customers with trusted resource for cost-effective peer-to-peer support. Turn your customers into your champions.

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