Connect your customers to your entire business to deliver an effortless customer experience.

Connected Enterprise

Keep your enterprise connected and bring your customers closer to your business

Connect, communicate and collaborate with your customers across your entire enterprise. This model will become increasingly important as organisations look to leverage the abilities of their whole workforce to sell to and support their customers. Enghouse Interactive brings together unified communications (UC) technology, such as Microsoft Lync and Cisco Jabber, in collaboration with the latest communications centre solutions, to address this,turning the vision of the connected enterprise into a reality.

Top Tips for a Connected Enterprise

For many companies, the potential benefits outweigh the perceived risks, especially as Lync can be the catalyst that helps make the connected enterprise a reality.

So how can businesses start to put in place the building blocks of the connected enterprise?

Here are our top tips:

  • Connect your business so that everyone is part of the customer service offering
    Learn from successful implementations
  • Assess the different migration paths and choose the one that’s right for you
  • Make sure you are using Lync within your skills-based routing engine
  • Create an effortless experience
  • Communicate with your customers and keep them informed
  • Build in actionable intelligence to your connected business
  • Collaborate to connect your enterprise.


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Our whitepaper outlines some of the top tips to avoid the pitfalls and capitalise on the opportunities of a connected enterprise.

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Connect your Entire Business to your Customers

Many businesses are still held back by traditional processes, that worked when bricks and mortar contact centres held sway, but now struggle to meet the demands of today’s customers for ‘anytime, anywhere’ service.

An Enghouse Interactive survey revealed 75% of UK organisations see company culture and organisational structure as the biggest inhibitors to connecting their business and customers. Polling delegates at London’s Connected Business Expo, the survey also clearly reflected businesses’ belief that technology is not the inhibitor to a more connected approach, with just one in five respondents citing systems, software and integration as the greatest barrier.

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Any company that wants to focus on customer service needs to put the customer at the heart of their business. They need to leverage resources across the whole organisation and bring to bear everything from console management, to CRM, to call recording, to ensure this focus is maintained. To be certain of achieving this you need to implement a communications centre solution that is capable of intelligently managing all types of contact media as part of one fully integrated approach.
Enghouse Interactive solutions can help you make savings across the business and allow your more scattered and expensive higher-skilled workers become part of the customer service effort, as and when required.

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Personal Service in the Age of Interruption

In a world dominated by digital technology, we are working in a state of continuous partial attention. When it comes to customer interaction, what’s been lost is a sense of personal service – a human touch. And this is important. Even today, certain customers, executives or senior members of staff need some of that VIP treatment. Read how you can offer a personalised service to your customers.

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Enghouse Interactive Capabilities Help You Stay Connected

Enghouse Interactive will help you to bring your entire organisation together, in a customer-focused and customer-accessible pool of resources and systems. Blurring the boundaries between front office, mid office, back office, branch and remote workers, all customer interactions and associated tasks are delivered to the most appropriate resource, fulfilling the need of the customer – first time, every time.

A single view shows the availability of everyone in your organisation. Presence reduces phone tag, dialling errors and botched call transfers. If you need to refer a customer to another colleague, you can immediately see who’s ready to help.

Takes all the frustration and confusion out of conference calls. Creating or joining a conference is simple and intuitive. You can see who’s on the call, who’s talking and mute callers with background noise.

It’s like you’ve never left your desk. Communicate with customers and colleagues from anywhere on your smartphone or web browser. Reduce costs of mobile roaming and long-distance calls and stay connected.

Access your voice messages with any online device and receive faxes in digital format. Use the right voicemail greeting for every situation, then give callers choice about what to do next. What are your people doing with their day? Look at voicemail usage, track sick days, monitor daily start and finish times, see how much time people spend at their desks, in meetings and on the phone.

What are your people doing with their day? Look at voicemail usage, track sick days, monitor daily start and finish times, see how much time people spend at their desks, in meetings and on the phone.

The combined Enghouse Interactive and Lync solution means that we can now route calls to whatever endpoint we want. And we can be creative in the way we structure the organisation, safe in the knowledge that our technology will be acting as an enabler of choice rather than a barrier to it.

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