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Deliver operational efficiency and enhanced customer service

AI and Automation Solutions

Deliver operational efficiency and enhanced customer service

Optimise your customer service and processes with AI and Automation solutions

Embrace AI & Automation Solutions


Enhance self-service and chatbots to enable your customers to be self-sufficient. Pre-empt or deflect questions to reduce inbound contact centre volumes.

Empower your agent and advisors with the tools, support and knowledge they need to meet customer demands. Optimise processes, manage control and be compliant.

Complete the loop and use AI to gain customer insight to drive continuous improvements.

AI and Automation Solutions

ContactBabel Guide

The ‘Inner Circle Guide to AI, Chatbots & Machine Learning

Based on surveys with over 200 organisations and 1,000 interviews with consumers in the UK. Suitable for anyone looking to implement or extend their use of artificial intelligence in the contact centre, this independent analyst report covers:

  • Use cases for AI, chatbots, voicebots and mailbots
  • Assisted service and agent augmentation
  • Sentiment analysis and AI-enabled analytics
  • Implementing and using AI
  • Customer opinion and use of AI-enabled self-service

Now is a great time to optimise your customer service and processes with AI and Automation solutions. Here are some of the ways that we can help.


Empower your customers to help themselves. Automate simple routine transactions or process via speech recognition, touch-tone or just a few clicks in your app.

Bots & Virtual Agents

Booking appointments, sending reminders, taking payments or completing renewals, providing answers to routine questions. Automate them all with bots.

Real-time Coaching

Automatically analyse calls in progress to provide live feedback about what and how it is being said. Monitor stress levels, speech clarity and script adherence.

Customer Intelligence

Use embedded AI to extract actionable insights from customer conversations and feedback. Understand customer emotions and analyse future intent and risk, such as legal, fraud, churn etc.

Process Optimisation

Optimise workforce scheduling so that mission-critical capabilities are always available. Manage sudden changes by automatically providing a new, optimised schedule.

Put Your Knowledge to Work

Use your knowledge base to prove answers directly to customers via self-service or by powering AI chatbots. In addition, use it to empower agents across all channels and departments.

Email Management

Speed up response times by using AI to scan emails and automatically suggests best answer templates. Ensure consistent, relevant answers.

Online Communities

Enable your customers to help each other. Deliver exceptional peer to peer customer support and create a seamless experience for your users.

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