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Customer Training

As a new user, it’s all about getting the basics right. Once your people are familiar with your new solution, they become eager to discover its potential and explore some of the more advanced functionality, and of course administrators always want to know how they can drive greater efficiency through smarter use of the technology they look after.

Training isn’t just for new users though, our customers repeatedly tell us how useful it is to come back and do training months, and even years, after they implement their solutions.

Flexible Training Options

Enghouse Education offers a range of quality training courses across its extensive solution portfolio:

User training. This is provided to end users who require operational training in order to maximise the use and benefits of the technology. Courses can be held at our training centres or one of our instructors can come to you, minimising your costs and time away from the office.

Supervisor/Administration training. These are more technical courses designed for system managers, ICT staff and supervisors. The content is more complex so they are normally carried out in a classroom environment at our training centres.

Installation and Configuration training. A hands-on technical course enabling delegates to become proficient in configuring in a variety of scenarios and meet installation requirements.

Support and Troubleshooting. A comprehensive overview of the solutions and associated applications with particular emphasis on user interfaces, system management, diagnostics and reporting. Delegates will learn to understand common questions and customer requirements.

Update Workshop. Covers the differences between versions ensuring delegates are up-to-date with the current features and methodologies.

Customised Training. We can also create a curriculum specifically tailored to your needs for content delivery, delivery location and budget.

Once delegates have completed their training, they receive comprehensive course materials to help them put into practice what they have learnt in the classroom, and refresher courses are available to fill in any knowledge gaps and provide further hands-on experience. Plus our Technical Service Centre team is always ready to assist with everyday ‘how to’ queries.

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The most precise product course I have been on. Very clear documentation and excellent pace.

Steve Cullen, Marsh and McLennan

Hands on heart; it was the best training I have ever had.

Mahbubul Karim, Barclays Capital

Sally Penn from Enghouse was absolutely fantastic, she’s very knowledgeable about the product itself and the roles and responsibilities of the switchboard staff. She made our staff feel comfortable moving to the new system and addressed a number of issues and queries they had.

Gary Parker, Loughborough University

The first course I’ve been on where everything seemed to sink in first time.

Rob Brown, Kent Police