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Customer Experience in the Metaverse

Customer experience in the Metaverse

CX Today’s David Dungay talks to Alex Black, CTO at Enghouse Interactive to discuss what customer experience could look like in the Metaverse.

What could a Metaverse customer experience mean for businesses?

Allow brands to create increasingly personalized and meaningful customer experiences. Incredible opportunity for brands to reinvent themselves in a way that is truly differentiating

How can brands leverage the metaverse to engage audiences?

Customers could take products for a digital test run, try out different options, or chat with the support team. Instead of writing a wordy email, support staff could use holograms to show customers how to do something. Immersive experience that engages customers’ full attention with a much bigger impact for a brand

Virtual reality can even help businesses offer customer experiences in the metaverse that they couldn’t offer in the real world. (A furniture store like Ikea could let you design your space by placing different items in a virtual version of your home, and moving them around. Customers could see at a glance whether that countertop matches their colour scheme, or whether that dishwasher fits in that space. For example, a shoe brand might set up a virtual store where customers could see the shoes in 3D without traveling to a brick and mortar store. Moreover, a clothing store could create a virtual changing room where customers can view each outfit on a digital avatar that matches their body type.

What could the Metaverse bring for contact centre agents?

On the one hand, working at home can be isolating. Staff miss out on the human interaction and camaraderie they get from sharing an office. In addition, lack of brainstorming opportunities can impact creativity. So, could the metaverse help us have the best of both worlds? Your team could work from home, but still collaborate with each other in virtual space.