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Press Release

Mtel Increases Market Leadership With Enghouse Interactive Contact Center: Service Provider 7.2

8th March 2016

Phoenix, Arizona

Latest iteration of multi-tenant solution delivers omni-channel functionality from the cloud, user-friendly TouchPoint interface, and lowers TCO

Enghouse Interactive, developer of a comprehensive portfolio of contact center software solutions, today announced that Mtel, the leading Dutch telephony and customer contact solutions provider, will universally deploy Enghouse Interactive Contact Center: Service Provider 7.2 (CCSP 7.2), a multi-tenant cloud contact center solution designed specifically for service providers, carriers and operators.

A long-time Enghouse Interactive partner, Mtel brings CCSP 7.2 to market under its own brand, Online Contact Centre, OCC 7.

The latest iteration of the highly-regarded CCSP platform brings an unmatched level of omni-channel functionality, scalability, convenience and lower total cost of ownership (TCO), with a strong emphasis on streamlining the agent experience. As a true cloud contact center as-a-service (CCaaS) offering, CCSP 7.2 replaces prohibitive capital expenditures of outdated legacy systems with an operating expense-based pricing model that complements the need for scalability.

CCSP 7.2 features Enghouse Interactive’s TouchPoint, a web-accessible agent, supervisor, and admin user interface which boasts a clear, updated and intuitive user experience developed for today’s multi-tasking agents.

“TouchPoint doesn’t take over the screen like other contact center solutions,” said Leon Schuurmans, director of business development, Mtel. “The interface is a slim toolbar, making the screen fully available for the plethora of customer information from your CRM and ERP systems. It takes up only a half-inch of real estate on the desktop.”

Built on HTML5 and AngularJS, TouchPoint is browser-agnostic with a minimal footprint. Feature-rich capabilities allow service providers and tenant administrators to customize their clients per tenant or within the tenant per group. New, custom application widgets and specific integrations can be established, enabling service providers to deliver tailored offerings for each customer while still maintaining the low TCO of running a multi-tenant platform.

Media type separation empowers agents to easily route and handle each message type individually, delivering true omni-channel interaction capabilities. Native messaging offers enhanced capabilities and access to features that increase agent productivity.

CCSP 7.2 also features a Skype for Business connector, which provides status synchronization and the ability of the agent to see all Skype for Business contacts with their presence information directly in TouchPoint dialing lists. This functionality empowers agents to call or transfer calls to Skype for Business contacts, facilitating greater collaboration between front and back office.

“For years, our customers have reaped the benefits of Enghouse Interactive’s reliability, quality and highly competitive pricing,” added Leon Schuurmans. “Our business clientele will surely embrace this new version of CCSP which brings a new level of functionality that is both agent and supervisor-friendly.”

By virtue of their existing relationships, coupled with the core infrastructure, network and operational ability needed to deliver cloud applications, service providers are ideally positioned to offer Contact Center-as-a Service (CCaaS) to their business customers.

“Enghouse has been a true partner from the beginning and within the past year, they’ve played an invaluable role in helping us grow internationally,” added Schuurmans. “With Enghouse’s assistance, Mtel successfully expanded into the German and Belgium markets in December 2015. We are confident that the double-digit, year-over-year revenue growth achieved in recent years will continue as the new markets we’re now serving are ready to embrace the cloud.”

“Mtel is a true industry pioneer and we are honored to help them deliver cutting edge contact center solutions to customers across Europe,” said Jacki Tessmer, VP of Service Provider and Cloud Strategy, Enghouse Interactive.

“CCSP 7.2 is a revelation for broadband service providers everywhere,” she continued, “as it allows them to capitalize on both the global enterprise demand for customer experience solutions and the continuing adoption of applications delivered as-a-service from the Cloud.”

“As Mtel’s success shows, businesses of all sizes are particularly receptive to the possibilities for their contact center and customer interaction environments.”


About Mtel

Mtel, the expert in customer contact helps organizations in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium build and extend relations with their customers.

Companies or (public sector) institutions are dependent on the faultless, efficient and effective handling of customer contacts. Thus the search for professionalism and confidence, but above all: peace of mind. Companies find this with Mtel: a partner for building and extending customer relationships. Mtel distinguishes itself by a proactive approach and tailor-made solutions based on high-grade technical products, applications and services.

Mtel offers a complete portfolio of smart ICT/telephone services with which customers can manage and monitor customer contacts. We provide these services in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. And they are simple to integrate with existing ICT infrastructure.

Mtel’s integrated accessibility approach puts customers at the heart of matters. Adapt service levels to match the customer and achieve a maximum return from each contact. No matter where or how this occurs, in the contact centre, at the office, at another branch or on the road, via the telephone, email or chat, at your initiative, or at your client’s initiative. Learn more at