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Press Release

Enghouse Interactive Introduces New Self-Service Provisioning Portal for CCSP

25th August 2016

Phoenix, AZ

Onboarding new customers more quickly and easily, empowering the customer with intuitive management tools and lowering cloud TCO differentiates service providers

Enghouse Interactive today announced the immediate availability of the CCSP Provisioning Portal (“Portal”), a new self-service administration tool for provisioning cloud contact centre tenants using Enghouse Interactive’s Contact Center Service Provider (CCSP).

Enterprises find a myriad of benefits consuming cloud applications like contact center as a service, but are cautious of upfront investments and constrained by cost conscious financial officers. This is particularly true with small and mid-sized enterprises where the contact centre as a service market is highly competitive. The CCSP Provisioning Portal significantly reduces startup costs and ongoing management by reducing the operational burden of new tenant onboarding and by providing tools the customers can use themselves.

The Portal is a single point of entry for a service provider’s operations staff to provision a new tenant, easily execute core administrative tasks and manage all tenant-related resources. Accessible online, the portal is a powerful registration and provisioning application allowing service providers the ability to create contact centre service packages, bundle communication channels and features, and make their packages available for self-service customer sign up. A prospect becomes a fully provisioned contact centre customer in a just a few clicks.

The Portal is also a self-service administration tool for existing customers. Service providers empower tenants by giving them control of day-to-day tasks like managing agent names, extensions, skill assignments, queues, routing rules, working hours, holiday and operational calendars. It alleviates the wait time and cost of service provider personnel performing routine management and administration activities, and allows their staff to focus on operations which are more critical.

“The Portal simplifies new customer onboarding and ongoing management, lowers total cost of ownership (“TCO”) and optimises operational resource utilisation,” said Christoph Mosing, President Enghouse Interactive. “Realising new efficiencies combined with cost savings that can be passed down to customers, will give service providers the competitive advantage they’ve been missing and help them expand into new areas.”

CCSP is a true cloud contact centre as a service (CCaaS) platform. Built on multi-tenant architecture, CCSP provides business process outsourcers (BPOs), application service providers (ASPs) and communication service providers (CSPs) with the means to offer feature rich contact centre functionality to their business clientele that is consumable from the cloud, as a service.

EarthBend, an information technology provider in the US upper mid-west, provides managed and professional services as well as communications and contact centre solutions. An early adopter of the CCSP v7.2 Provisioning Portal module, EarthBend views the Portal as a success component in remaining competitive, particularly in the cost conscious SMB segment. “To be competitive, contact centre service providers have to streamline the operational effort associated with onboarding new customers”; said Rob Beyer, CEO at EarthBend.

“Being able to deploy customers in a highly repeatable, operationally efficient way shortens the time to on-board new customers and decreases our costs to implement,” added Joe Galinanes, Vice President and General Manager at EarthBend. “When we optimise the TCO of the cloud contact centre platform everyone wins.”