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Cloud Contact Centre Migration Infographic

Read the full Infographic: Cloud Contact Centre Migration.

My on-premise solution works well currently, so why should I move?

Even if you have a functional on-premise contact centre, there may be a host of reasons to consider moving to the cloud. Cloud contact centres have many advantages over on-premise ones. Often, for example, you can meet the increasing demand for digital channels by leveraging the frameworks available within a cloud contact centre environment. Cloud means you avoid the cost and headache of over-provisioning – it’s simply more efficient and cheaper.

Just by using the software, you can scale from literally a handful of agents to thousands without downtime. In contrast, a PBX system needs significant installation resource. The type of efficiency offered by Enghouse cloud contact centres allows agents to be situated anywhere, from their homes to other offices and work locations.

Will moving to the cloud undermine my IT team?

No. With an on-premise contact centre solution, your communications hardware, software and infrastructure needs a dedicated IT team, with responsibility for the installation, maintenance
and upkeep of everything from servers to headsets and desktops. This is not your core business, nor theirs. Cloud-based solutions deliver automatic access to regular software
updates and new features and are billed transparently based on what you use.

It is better to focus your IT resources on your primary area of operations as opposed to supporting obsolete cul-de-sac technology.

With Enghouse Cloud Contact, your IT team gains new independence. So they can focus on tasks to help you generate revenue and provide services to your valued customers.

Premises-based solutions usually require intensive hardware and expensive system maintenance plans – as well as significant staff hours – to maintain performance. Cloud means
you ‘outsource’ the hard work to Enghouse Interactive and focus on unlocking your IT productivity and potential.

Migrating your contact centre to the cloud doesn’t have to be intimidating. Download this step-by-step guide for your journey into the cloud.