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Guide/Report/White paper

Remote Working for the Contact Centre

When keeping your business operational is critical, preparing a disaster plan in case of emergency gives you a significant advantage over others who can only be reactive.

Recent events have taught us that reviewing, detailing and rehearsing all the necessary elements for a remote contact centre operation will give us a head start on a smooth transition to the desired result, providing the business continuity we need.

A quick guide to remote working for the contact centre

This guide aims to cover as many as possible of the most important considerations you need to plan effectively.


  • Computer and Security
  • Peripheral Equipment
  • Access to Software Apps: Cloud or VPN
  • Internet and Connectivity
  • Home Office
  • Tools to consider for Remote Workers
  • Other tools to look at for Remote Workers
  • Customer Experience Adjustments
  • Supervisor / Management Adjustments
  • Tips for Remote Working
  • Planning Recommendations