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Omnichannel Contact Centre Microsoft Teams

Guide: The Future of the Omnichannel Contact Centre with Microsoft Teams

Today’s customers want a choice of ways to interact with businesses and are increasingly using a range of digital channels. A trend accelerated by the pandemic. Moreover, many customer journeys are now more complex, involving multiple channels across the same interaction.

Companies must therefore be able to deal with an expanding number of contact channels, all while delivering an omnichannel experience. Joining up channels so that customers receive faster, more effective responses to their queries.

To help deliver this efficient, high-quality service, businesses are increasingly implementing Microsoft Teams. This brings greater collaboration, communication and agility to their contact centres, across multiple channels from chat and voice to social media, email and video and providing a strong foundation to build an omnichannel future.

Today, customers want to contact businesses through their channel of choice. The channel they pick will be based on their circumstances and preferences, and what they want to achieve. For example, a video call provides the ability to show a faulty product, while email delivers a written audit trail, and the telephone brings personal, conversational help.

Each channel has its particular strengths, meaning that you need to offer a wide range to your customers – there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Every channel must deliver a consistent, high quality experience.

Customer queries are also more complex, meaning that they may switch between channels during their journey. Consumers now use an average of almost six touch-points on some interactions, with nearly with nearly 50% regularly using more than four.

This guide explains how the Microsoft Teams platform will evolve to meet customer, agent and business needs moving forward. Download your copy of the 'The Future of the Omnichannel Contact Centre with Microsoft Teams' guide.