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Moving From Listening to Action

This whitepaper explains how companies have to adopt a new approach - one that moves from listening to insight, bringing together the customer experience with business data and using artificial intelligence in realtime to drive the actions that matter.

Today, all companies understand the importance of listening to their customers

However, simply listening isn’t enough – what is needed is to act on the insight to drive real change and improvements in the customer experience. That is much more difficult, meaning that often companies simply turn feedback into metrics such as Net Promoter Score (NPS). These are of limited use – they tell you how satisfied customers are, but don’t tell you why they feel the way they do or how their experience can be improved.

Turning deeper insight into real action has always been vital in ever-more competitive markets. However, during the current pandemic, where customer requirements and behaviour are in a state of flux, it is a business imperative.

In an unstable environment, real-time feedback and insight are central to using data to make the right business decisions, become more agile and continually meeting changing customer expectations.

Companies need new capabilities to do this as currently decisions aren’t based on comprehensive data, leading to issues not being dealt with and customers leaving without the chance of saving the relationship.