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Microsoft Teams Contact Centre ROI

Even before the pandemic transformed the world of work, successful companies were focusing on enabling their employees through greater collaboration. This drive increased productivity and innovation – wherever staff are based.

The acceleration of remote working has made greater collaboration business-critical for every organisation. That’s why an increasing number are investing in deploying Microsoft Teams across
their business. In fact, the number of daily users nearly trebled to 115 million between March and October 2020.

Teams plays a central role in breaking down internal silos and enabling companies to work in a more agile way. It is vital that the contact centre is part of this. To bring a unified
approach that allows agents to work more efficiently with all of their colleagues.

Microsoft Teams Contact Centre ROI

Our previous guide highlighted the benefits of Microsoft Teams to the contact centre. In this guide, we look at how you can calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) that the platform delivers.
So you can build a compelling customer service business case and integrate Microsoft Teams with your contact centre solution.