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Managing Remote Contact Centre Agents

While many organisations were already looking at increasing remote working, pandemic-driven lockdowns made it a business imperative overnight. Setting up and managing remote contact centre agents was essential.

The key steps to managing remote contact centre agents

Thanks to technology, many companies were able to successfully shift contact centre agents to home working. Our previous remote working guide covered how to make this initial switch.

However, as we move beyond the first phase of remote working, businesses need to plan longer-term. While the future is difficult to predict key trends are transforming customer service:

  • Digital adoption by consumers is rapidly increasing, changing the customer service balance
  • Consumer behaviour is evolving, with a need for greater reassurance on top of existing requirements for fast, accurate problem-solving
  • Remote working is here to stay in some form, longer-term

All of this points to a future that is increasingly digital and remote-first when it comes to customer service operations. Understanding and acting on real-time data is at the core of optimally managing future customer service operations. Companies depend on this intelligence to cater for both employees (remote and in the call centre) and consumers.

Quick Guide

This guide provides insight into the tools that businesses need to adopt to successfully manage their remote contact centre workforce. Now and over the long term.