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Local Government Customer Service Guide

Help service users get answers faster

Your service users and local businesses have literally hundreds of reasons for wanting to get in touch with you, and now use multiple channels to do so. Irrespective of channel, they expect swift, consistent issue resolution. Many legacy systems simply aren’t equipped to handle this level of complexity, leading to confusing customer journeys and often sidelining those unable to use certain channels.

The faster customers can be routed to the right service, the happier they are and the less work they generate. An integrated contact centre that can resolve customer issues swiftly, irrespective of channel or department, can transform user experience and operational KPIs.

Having worked with over 140+ Local Government organisations in every corner of the UK, our team know only too well the pressures that local governments are facing. We understand the crucial role that contact centre teams play in delivering public services and the critical differences between this and a more commercial call centre environment.
Enghouse’s technology integrates effortlessly with platforms such as Microsoft, Avaya and Cisco to link your contact centre with back-office departments. This enables your workers to improve their work/life balance while helping them do more, more easily for your service users, and – importantly – do all this while reducing overhead and improving operational efficiency.

Download this guide to find out more how we can help your organisation deliver against Digital Government objectives to improve accessibility and service delivery.