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How To Save Costs in The Contact Centre

Companies today need to deal with rising volumes of customer service queries, across more and more channels. Interactions are increasingly complex, while the length of time consumers are willing to wait for a response is shrinking fast. Further hampering their efforts to respond effectively, organisations are often operating with fixed or limited contact centre resources.

Given these factors, there’s a real requirement to reduce costs in the contact centre in order to do more with less, particularly with the financial impact of the pandemic. However,
simply making untargeted, short-term cuts is a false economy. Unhappy customers will simply leave, hitting your bottom line and reputation as they share their bad experiences on social media. Research estimates that this avoidable churn costs UK businesses over £25 billion every year. On the positive side, companies that are known for good service retain existing customers and attract new ones more easily.

It is therefore vital to balance increased efficiency with high levels of customer service, optimising your operations in ways that delight consumers