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Empower the voices of your business

Investing in authentic and empathetic customer service agents to optimise your voice channel. Do you do enough to empower the voices of your business?

An intrinsically human act, talking is an incredible skill. Yet in modern times, we seem only to talk and forget to connect. In a world dominated by hashtags and HTML, humans can talk endlessly. But it is authentic, human connection that drives emotion, decision-making and loyalty.

Businesses understand the complexity of communication with ever-present technology at the customer’s fingertips. But they also know, that when things get too complex to be solved by an FAQ or a chatbot or other self-service resources, nothing beats picking up the phone and talking to another human.

However, success is not inevitable. On the contrary, it’s the result of investment in the customer service agents whose voices make the channel come alive.

Any human can talk; agents however have to connect and this is a far greater skill.

Guide: Empower the voices of your business

The voice channel still has its part to play and the potential to be the most authentic channel of them all. Turning the voice channel into a connection with customers starts from within, by empowering customer service agents with skills, technology and confidence. This guide will provide insight into how and why empowering agents is vital to the success of the voice channel.

Supporting them is the foundation from which to build and getting it right has business-wide ramifications. Businesses retain empowered staff; staff are motivated and satisfied; and customers get the best possible service experience.

Make sure you utilise the voice channel to its full potential!