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Customer Engagement & Personalisation Guide

Download the 2021 UK edition

About this edition of the ContactBabel Inner Circle Guide to Customer Engagement & Personalisation.

Moving beyond the mass-production model employed historically in many contact centres, customer personalisation has recently become of great interest. Especially for businesses looking to improve their customer experience within the contact centre and other channels. By doing so, businesses aim to extend the positive reach of the brand beyond the original marketing touch points. To keep customers positively engaged and turning them into loyal, long-term advocates.

Personalise the service and responses you deliver, however a customer makes contact

Two things are vital – access to data and close integration between your systems. This will ensure that information is shared across departments and channels, rather than being trapped in silos. Your CRM needs to integrate with your omnichannel contact centre solutions, Voice of the Customer systems, and quality monitoring platforms. This will enable you to deliver a single view of the customer and their needs. Data needs to be collected and made available across every channel, and must always be up to date, following stringent internal processes that put the customer first.

Download your copy of the ContactBabel Inner Circle Guide to Customer Engagement & Personalisation

Written for businesses looking to improve their customer engagement and loyalty through personalisation strategies and techniques, this guide is based on surveys with over 200 UK organisations and 1,000+ interviews with UK consumers.

Sponsored by Enghouse Interactive, this independent analyst report covers:

  • Using AI to deliver a hyper-personalised experience
  • Developing employees' emotional intelligence and empathy
  • Using real-time sentiment analysis
  • Individualising website and telephony self-service experiences
  • The use of predictive analytics and personality-type matching
  • Managing the customer's 'moment of truth' and winning loyalty