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Voice of the Customer Guide by ContactBabel

Voice of the customer (VoC)

Voice of the customer (VoC) is a research method that tries to quantify customer needs and requirements. It is driven by the capture and analysis of data provided by customers. It covers both
structured and unstructured, through surveys and interactions. Moreover, VoC helps improve and develop products and services. As well as improving the customer experience, identifying training needs and fixing suboptimal processes.

The value of  customers experience

While the original VoC projects focused upon developing new products and improving those already in existence (often asking for the opinions of non-customers or ex-customers). Recent years have mainly focused upon the interactions and opinions of existing customers. Particularly, around the experience of the service that they are receiving and their attitude towards the brand.
Significantly, customer surveys have been an integral part of most businesses for many years. Recently, there has been a great increase in the number of organisations using large-scale analysis of call recordings. At the same time, using formal surveys of customer experience to offer the customer a chance to feed-back, and the business to learn.

Improve customer retention

VoC programmes strive to capture customer feedback across multiple channels of engagement (IVR, live agent, email, etc.). At the same. VoC enables closed-loop strategies to support customer retention, employee development and omnichannel experience optimisation. VoC programs typically trigger alerts with role-based delivery via the use of text and speech analytics. In addition, it offers statistical modelling services to pinpoint root causes, and digitally track progress and results with case management.

Where to start

The definition of what a VoC program can be very wide, from simply sending alerts based on key words derived from a survey, to more complete solutions that directly contribute to contact centre
optimisation and overall CX improvement. As a rule, VoC is an ongoing, iterative process involving:

  • Capture: gather customer feedback and associated data
  • Analyse: develop insights into trends and themes, and understand root cause
  • Act: close the loop by addressing negative issues at an individual and process level
  • Measure: check to see that any actions taken have had the required effect

ContactBabel Inner Circle Guide to Voice of the Customer

We invite you to download the full guide, sponsored by Enghouse Interactive to find out more about why VoC has become so important in many companies. In addition it look at the factors upon which many businesses now choose to compete can only be optimised through a full understanding of customer requirements and their experience interacting with the organisation.