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Cloud-Based Contact Centre Solutions Guide

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84% of UK Contact Centres are now operating remotely

Until recently, the majority of UK contact centres worked in a traditional, centralised model. For instance, fewer than 4% of agents were working remotely at home on a permanent basis. The challenges of continuing to run contact centres during the coronavirus crisis resulted in an enormous shift to home-based agents. According to ContactBabel’s latest research, 84% of respondents reported that they had moved from an office environment to being mainly home-based.

Above all, once the dust settles, the largest boost to the widespread acceptance of cloud-based solutions will be the successful rapid deployment of remote working contact centre agents as a reaction to the crisis. Likewise, so many operations moved within days to a cloud based environment and still managed to support customers as effectively as possible. Considering the circumstances,  this is proof of cloud’s disaster recovery and business continuity advantages.

The Inner Circle Guide to Cloud-Based Contact Centre Solutions aims at providing customer contact professionals with the latest analysis and data around cloud-based contact centre issues and use. The report contains detailed data and insight into:

  • The cloud-based contact centre applications UK usage
  • Current and future use of the cloud for call routing, recording, IVR, CRM, workforce management, outbound dialling & interaction analytics
  • The planned use of cloud in 2021 by application
  • Drivers and inhibitors for cloud
  • How to choose a cloud solution provider
  • Implementation costs, timescales and ROI
  • The results of using cloud-based solutions
  • The future of cloud