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AI, Chatbots & Machine Learning Guide

Within the customer contact space, there is a great deal of interest in how artificial intelligence (AI) can work to deliver a superior customer experience. More importantly, it can do so at every hour of the day, across channels, making use of the vast amounts of data that are available to many large organisations. The opportunity exists for AI to take customer contact far beyond what is feasible now. Firstly it is supported by the speed and availability of affordable processing power. Secondly, the amount of available structured and unstructured data is now enormous.

Certainly, despite a low current use of AI across industries, there is widespread interest in putting it to action. Moreover 35% of respondents intend to implement AI within 12 months. So, while these figures are probably overly ambitious, it does show real interest from the contact centre industry.

AI and Chatbots Guide

The ContactBabel Report “Inner Circle Guide to AI, Chatbots & Machine Learning” (2nd edition) is based on surveys with over 200 UK organisations and 1,000+ interviews with UK consumers. Created businesses looking to implement or extend their use of AI in the contact centre, this independent analyst report covers:

  • Use cases for AI
  • Chatbots, voicebots and mailbots
  • Assisted service / agent augmentation
  • Sentiment analysis and AI-enabled analytics
  • Implementing and using AI
  • Current and future use of AI and chatbots
  • Customer opinion and use of AI-enabled self-service