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Agent Wellbeing in The Hybrid World

Agent wellbeing in the hybrid world - what does it mean? Employees are a company’s greatest asset and the backbone of any successful organisation. Agent wellbeing should therefore always be a focus, but COVID and the switch to hybrid working has accelerated its importance.

Over half (53%) of UK adults said their wellbeing had been impacted by the pandemic. While home working has increased flexibility for staff and opened up new online opportunities for support, it has heightened stress levels amongst both agents and customers and made it more difficult to support struggling remote staff.

Agents feel isolated, overwhelmed and under enormous pressure. On the positive side, employers increasingly understand the importance of wellbeing and are putting in place
programmes to better support their people.

The benefits of agent wellbeing to your contact centre

Agents have extremely stressful jobs, often taking calls from angry or upset customers and needing to react and respond, competently and compassionately, in real-time. Their working day
can be monotonous in terms of the tasks they have to do and cover anti-social, shift-based hours. This, combined with constant monitoring, potentially leads to greater stress. Poor
ergonomics and sitting in the same position all day can put a burden on physical wellbeing too.

eGuide: Agent wellbeing in the hybrid world

This guide highlights the direct correlation between high levels of mental and physical wellbeing and running a successful contact centre. It will steer you in applying the right mix of culture, processes, and technology to put agent wellbeing centre stage.