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6 Trends Transforming Housing Association Customer Service

How technology can help housing associations

Transforming housing association customer service has never been more important. Delivering high quality, consistent customer service is essential for housing associations. Similarly, it is one of the key areas that regulator use to evaluate providers. However, housing associations face several challenges when it comes to customer service. Some of which existed pre-pandemic and have been accelerated by lockdowns, along with others that are completely new.

Firstly, they have a long-term need to transform themselves to become more digital and agile. To be able to react faster to tenants and deliver a deeper, more joined-up service to more complex, emotionally driven issues. Secondly, post-lockdown they expect a shift to blended working and a greater requirement to support frontline agents and staff. All while the pandemic has impacted housing association revenues and the ability to operate.

Guide: transforming housing association customer service

To help housing associations prioritise this guide looks at the key trends in the market – and how their challenges can be overcome.

Trends include:

  1. Successfully managing the shift to blended working
  2. Accelerating digital transformation to improve operations
  3. A constantly-changing regulatory landscape 4
  4. The need to be truly omnichannel
  5. The importance of knowledge everywhere
  6. A drive for greater efficiency