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Case Study

University of Wolverhampton

Exceptional Call Handling

The University of Wolverhampton had outgrown its current communications platform and needed an improved call handling service. It chose to deploy Enghouse Interactive’s Arc consoles to provide the university with a robust, feature-rich call routing and answering solution.

“Arc Solutions has enabled the University of Wolverhampton to deliver exceptional customer service in our call handling in the competitive education market.” Pam Barry, Communication Services Supervisor, University of Wolverhampton.


The University of Wolverhampton is a learning community promoting excellence, innovation and creativity, continually evolving over its 150 year history. With a traditional telephone system and switchboard covering four campuses, the University was finding it increasingly difficult to support the requirements of a modern and dynamic educational facility.

“Due to the size of the organisation, with more than 3,100 extensions, and geographical challenges, covering a 30 mile radius, the University needed a more robust communication solution in line with our ethos of excellence and innovation,” explained Steve Kunynec, Infrastructure Consultant, University of Wolverhampton.

Requirements had changed and the University needed to adapt to ensure it continued to service the education community and be seen as a regional centre of excellence. The communications hubs servicing the University were disparate and in need of an overhaul to streamline operations and continue delivering service excellence. As student numbers increased, the University required investment, with new buildings and new infrastructure to support its growth.

“The University had outgrown its current communications platform; what we needed was a reliable service and a more effective way to handle calls throughout the organisation,” explained Pam Barry, Communication Services Supervisor, University of Wolverhampton.


The University of Wolverhampton selected Arc operator consoles from Enghouse Interactive to improve their call handling operations. “Arc was easy to install and get working, providing the University of Wolverhampton with a sophisticated call handling solution,” explained Kunynec.

Arc provided the University with a robust, highly functional solution with seamless integration into their modern Cisco IP Telephony platform. With intelligent call routing, the console enables calls to the operator to be identified and placed into the relevant colour coded queue for easy identification and call handling.

Out of hours, the Voice Connect module provides a professional pre-recorded message depending on the closure and time of the year, to always keep the callers informed.


Arc has enabled the University to improve the quality of service through providing the applications to combine three previously disparate teams. Today the Communication Services team is able to manage the switchboard, facilities helpdesk and the main reception.

“At times the University can be uncertain about call volume, with Arc Solutions and the new team structure the Communication Services team is now able to deliver a level of productivity that previously was not possible. The combined team and consistent platform means we now have a wider pool to support the peaks in call volumes,” said Barry.

The move has also seen the University make immediate costs savings. “Previously the University had four separate switches at the Telford, Compton, Walsall and Wolverhampton City campuses. Consolidating the switchboard sites has enabled the University to save several tens of thousands of pounds per year due to the reduction in line rentals, having dropped the expensive data links which previously connected the individual systems together,” explained Kunynec.

“Communications is critical and Arc has improved our disaster recovery potential and resilience. With servers based in multiple locations and being a PC-based solution, we can make better use of our facilities and relocate the Communication Services team to ensure any downtime is minimal.” concluded Kunynec.