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Case Study

Sedgemoor District Council Case Study

Sedgemoor District Council is focused on driving operational efficiencies and in delivering higher-quality services to the public. In carrying out this objective, the council was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with its existing contact centre solution. It had effectively outgrown it. The solution was hooked into a primary analogue circuit PBX which was rapidly becoming obsolete. Added to that, the council had issues with the sound quality on calls which was inevitably starting to impact customer service. It needed a modern interface to support its unified communications approach and it wanted to ensure its whole platform was fully Skype compatible.

Since installing Enghouse Interactive Communications Center (EICC) in a Microsoft Skype for Business (SfB) environment, the council has transformed the way it interacts with the public. The reliability of the new system, which was up and running in two weeks means callers are quickly routed to the most appropriate agent, in turn enhancing their confidence in the council. By transitioning to a digital environment and adopting the highly efficient EICC solution, the council is able to process a higher volume of calls in the call centre. Callers benefit from a reduction in waiting times and from having their issues and queries resolved more quickly.