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Case Study

Knowledge Management Use Cases

When it comes to providing efficient customer service, it is crucial that customers are responded to quickly and receive the information they are looking for sooner rather than later. Significantly, this can be achieved by a knowledge base, but the benefits don’t just stop there. With a dynamic knowledge base in your organisation, you can:

  • Deliver correct answers first time, every time
  • Ensure the consistency of information provided
  • Improve the efficiency of your service delivery
  • Reduce customer effort and response times by offering online self-service
  • Identify key knowledge gaps
  • Improve customer experience and satisfaction

For a selection of eight sector-specific Knowledge Management Use Cases, click here.

Knowledge Management Use Cases #1

Transforming telephone customer service through specialized knowledge

A leading provider of product warranty insurance wanted to improve its telephone service levels and reduce contact centre costs. It moved from paper-based knowledge to Enghouse Interactive’s AI-based knowledge solution.

Agents now log onto the easy to use web-based solution at the beginning of every shift and simply type in questions in plain English while on the phone to customers. Moreover, they receive instant, consistent, and accurate answers which they can then use to solve customer queries.

This has reduced call times, increased First Contact Resolution rates and boosted customer satisfaction.

Sector: Insurance

Objective: Improve service levels and reduce costs

Channels: Telephone

Solution: Enghouse Knowledge


  • 22% reduction average call time
  • 55% drop in hold time
  • Annual savings equivalent to 10 full time agent salaries

Knowledge Management Use Cases #2

Multilingual knowledge in action

A global provider of scientific products was receiving a growing number of complex queries from its customers, particularly in China. It wanted to increase the speed and accuracy of response to improve the customer experience and overall efficiency. It ran a global programme to bring information together through a centralised, multilingual knowledge base provided by Enghouse Interactive.

Knowledge is now available to be used directly by customers, agents and the wider workforce.

Sector: Scientific products

Objective: Improve customer experience, especially for global customers

Channels: Email, web

Solution: Enghouse Knowledge


  • 89% agent adoption
  • Knowledge is now a key asset
  • System extended beyond customer service across the organisation