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Quality Control and Customer Insight Brochure

How to control, maintain and improve the quality of your customer service? Here are some of the Quality Control and Customer Insight solution benefits:

  • Maintain desired level of service excellence
  • Manage employee performance
  • Improve customer journey across service channels
  • Uncover gaps in skills, knowledge, product or logistics
  • Capture rich contextual data for better decision making
  • Drive business optimisation
  • Deliver meaningful customer insights
  • Achieve regulatory compliance
  • Resolve disputes
  • Reduce liability and prevent penalties and fines

Quality Control and Customer Insight Brochure - the advantages

Quality control and customer insight solutions are designed to improve customer service and employee productivity.

Actionable insights across touchpoints

Quality customer service starts with providing effortless and efficient support, responding to customers’ issues in a timely, friendly manner as well as handling any complaints swiftly. Customers expect seamless cross-channel service and value personalised interactions. Understanding customers’ needs and meeting them is key for building long-lasting, trusting relationships and retaining customer loyalty. However, failing to deliver on customer expectations can result in dissatisfied customers leaving and doing business elsewhere.

Not only will best in class Quality Control & Customer Insight solutions enable organisations to maintain consistent levels of service excellence, but also fuel significant customer experience improvements.

Happy customers become repeat customers

Most important, the success of your service operations rests on the competence and efficiency of your contact centre agents. Support your advisors with the right resources, AI-powered tools, coaching and real-time feedback. This will not only help agents be more productive but also unfold their full potential, improving motivation and reducing attrition. Our Quality Control & Customer Insight solutions deliver real-time support, evaluate performance without bias and identify training needs for agents. So, you can discover and resolve pain points before they become serious problems for customers and advisors alike.

Removing barriers to agent productivity

The ability to monitor and manage the cost of your service operations is essential to ensuring profitability and controlling overspending. Quality Control measures staff activity (remote and in-office), monitors key metrics, analyses quality levels and identifies issues or unusual activity. From cost management to quality assurance and planning, Enghouse Interactive Quality Control & Customer Insight solutions help identify cost savings and productivity improvements as well as safeguard revenues. Using these insights at scale and linking them to measurable impacts adds a fresh dimension to viewing customer service. As well as opening up new revenue opportunities that will maximise your investment and benefit the bottom line.

From cost centre to revenue generator

With more and more data flowing across geographical boundaries, protect your consumers’ personal data is increasingly difficult and important. Strict adherence to local and international laws such as HIPAA, GDPR, PCIDSS and MiFID II is crucial to protecting your business and your customers. In addition, failure to comply can lead to large fines and affect your company’s reputation. QMS solutions such as automated interaction monitoring and recording can reduce the risk of compliance violations and potential fraud, helping you to avoid litigation, financial impact and damage to your reputation. Moreover, verifying that contracts are being explained correctly can drastically reduce cancellations while capturing all communications can help resolve potential customer disputes.

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