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Enghouse SmartQuality

Deliver Tangible Improvements with AI

Instead of randomly sampling calls to review, use AI to make your Quality Management ‘smarter’. Free up your supervisors from spending so much time listening to calls. Ensure that your scorecards are less subjective and more objective. Leverage your agent interactions for VoC insights.

AI Augmented Interaction Analysis

Using AI, you can evaluate all customer interactions against defined criteria representing a positive customer experience. This means you can assess up to 100% of interactions, making it easy to identify issues, even infrequent ones.

AI Directed Call Reviews

Use AI to identify the best recordings for supervisors to review. This will reduce the amount of ‘lost’ time spent searching for coachable moments among ‘average’ interactions. Instead, your managers and supervisors can focus their time on higher value interactions or issues.

AI Driven Scorecards

Manual advisor evaluation is prone to human bias so this requires regular calibration. However, AI is impartial, objective, and consistent when reviewing interactions. Completing scorecards based on objective evaluation criteria, means supervisors only need to review completed scorecards to provide human input. This significantly reduces time supervisors need to spend on calibration.

AI Customer Insights

It’s easy to miss the useful VoC insights in your everyday customer interactions. Advanced analytics can detect multiple themes and risks automatically. Use AI to unlock important business intelligence from interactions to identify churn risk, detect emerging trends, or spot opportunities.