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Contact Centre Solutions

The Contact Centre at the very heart of the business

The contact centre’s role has long since changed from being a mere switchboard directing customer enquiries. Now it is the beating heart of a business. Not only does it track all customer engagement wherever and whenever it happens. It also lets teams across the organisation collaborate by communicating individually or in groups, or searching for the expert they need to resolve the issue at hand.

Enghouse Interactive Contact Centre solutions help organisations to better connect resources, expertise and tools. Given that more information flows daily through a contact centre than in any other part of the business, it is more important than ever to capture and evaluate all activity to maximise performance and improve the level of service.

Detailed reporting supported by smart AI and automated processes deliver accurate and meaningful information to aid decision-making, planning and prioritisation, and helps to mitigate costs and unnecessary expenses. This is the key to achieving sustainable growth and increasing profitability.