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Enghouse CCaaS Brochure (Contact Center as a Service)

Enghouse Interactive’s Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solution offers businesses an application model with the deployment and agility benefits of SaaS (Software as a Service).

Many organisations are now relying on contact centre solutions with rapid, secure and flexible implementation options that are quickly scalable in emergencies or seasonal spikes. A future proof contact centre that can grow with your business and can support multiple contact centre operations on a single application while consistently delivering a highquality experience. Meeting carbon reduction targets is also becoming an increasing incentive to move apps to the cloud. Enghouse CCaaS scales from 5 to 1000+ agents, allowing on-demand agent ‘bursting’ at all times. With Enghouse CCaaS, new contact centres can be online within hours, and new agents in just minutes

Highly customisable and tailored to your business needs

Enghouse CCaaS consists of multiple functional components and can be tightly integrated with CRM tools or collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams and other thirdparty applications, helping you build the most efficient, feature-rich solution for your contact centre.

Intelligent insights and actionable data

Enghouse CCaaS provides managers and supervisors with a comprehensive overview of operations and performance and centralised reporting uncovering meaningful insight that drive decision-making. Those decisions often make a huge impact on customer experience. Download your copy of the Enghouse CCaaS Brochure here.

A data-driven customer experience strategy increases the value of your brand, the loyalty of your customers, and the strength of your word-of-mouth marketing.

Support remote workers

Most important, remote working is here to stay. Organisations embracing the new Normal and investing in cloud technology are able to cultivate a happier and more productive workforce. Enghouse CCaaS enables contact centre agents to work from anywhere as long as they have access to an internet connection while maintaining security and aiding productivity. Moreover, having a certain percentage of employees work remotely helps organisations reduce ongoing business costs as the need for a large office space is no longer a necessity.

Download the Enghouse CCaaS Brochure here.