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9.1 is now available

Contact Center Enterprise Release Highlights

9.1 is now available

Enhancements in CCE 9.1

Enghouse Interactive’s Contact Center: Enterprise (CCE) evolves with every new release ensuring it meets the needs of the market’s fast-changing business needs. We’re continuously improving, innovating, listening to feedback from partners and customers, and always aim to ensure our software is of the highest quality.

Featuring TouchPoint

CCE 9.1 is a significant new feature release, with the introduction of TouchPoint, Enghouse’s innovative and highly visual user interface for contact centre agents. The TouchPoint user interface was first introduced in 2013 on Enghouse’s Communications Center product and has now been integrated into CCE. This new agent experience is very modern, providing context-sensitive hover controls, colourful charts and graphics, and a number of new capabilities for CCE agents, including:

  • Support for nine languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and more
  • Ability to search and access presence data for Skype for Business contacts
  • Column selection/ordering and data filtering in tabular views
  • Ability to take notes on interactions, and save them for other agents and managers
  • Viewing of status and relevant data for fellow agents, along with Dashboard graphics displaying their own daily activities
  • Real-time agent and queue thresholds and alerts
  • Enhanced contact management allowing for multiple phone numbers and other contact details previously not available in CCE
  • A tabular, extensible framework with the ability to customise new tabs, as well as efficient navigation across multiple concurrent interactions in an easy-to-use Interactions View

Additional Release Notes

With this release, CCE continues to satisfy enhancement requests from its customers, to ensure the system is current with its platform interfaces, and to further improve the efficiency and productivity of agents and managers. New capabilities and enhancements include the following:

Platform integration updates to support various platforms and technologies

  • Support for SQL Server 2014, SQL Express 2014, SQL Server 2016, SQL Express 2016
  • Support for Windows Server 2012R2
  • Support for Mitel MiVB 6, 7, and 8. Completed certification on Mitel MiVB 7.2 with USDK 6.2 (for both CCE 9.0 and CCE 9.1).
  • Support for ShoreTel 13 and 14
  • Support for Skype for Business Server 2016

Integration to Enghouse Quality Management Suite (QMS) V7.1, including new capabilities of the QMS platform

  • Enhancements to the methods used for recording on Skype for Business and Cisco platform infrastructures
  • Enhancement to playback of recordings, including variable speed and per-channel muting
  • Administrative enhancements, including support for multiple SIP users per IP address, AD user enablement of encryption, and new flexible recording deletion settings
  • Text media evaluation, to be integrated to CCE text media (email, chat) with an upcoming CCE minor release in the first half of 2018

Integration to Enghouse Communications Portal (CP) V10.2, including new capabilities of the CP platform

  • Outbound notifications for SMS text message sending from campaign lists and/or events, including a setup wizard for easy configuration
  • Packaged integration with the Message Media SMS Gateway
  • Enhancements to CP developer documentation and PBX integration guides, available via product documentation portal access
  • Administrative improvements, including PBX platform updates, web service security enhancements and support for reporting across multiple databases


  • Enhancements to Configuration Manager for administrative/configuration efficiency
  • The interaction deletion wizard in Resource Manager has been enhanced to display additional customer data; This makes it easier for a supervisor to identify which interactions they wish to remove from the queue
  • Enhancements to System Manager for enhanced system supportability

Enhancements and updates to system documentation

  • New setup guidelines for running PIL scripts on the CP platform, for both Avaya and Cisco configurations
  • Documented support for CP Sonus integration with Microsoft’s Skype for Business

Improve your contact centre performance with advanced capabilities and customisation, which are highly available and can be used within distributed environments.