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Arc 6.2

Arc Release Highlights

Arc 6.2

Introducing Arc 6.2

Arc Pro is an advanced attendant operator console, designed exclusively for Cisco Unified Communications. It boasts an intuitive user interface and a wealth of advanced features intended to empower the operator to be able to deliver exceptional customer service.

The latest release of Arc Pro reflects Enghouse Interactive’s continued commitment to our Arc solutions and delivering a unified, tightly integrated Cisco UC portfolio.

With a fresh user experience uplift, applications icon refresh and performance and accuracy improvements plus greater supportability, Arc Pro 6.2 continues to empower receptionists and operators seamlessly, professionally, and efficiently to manage and dispatch interactions to the correct person within an organisation.

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A trusted Cisco Partner

Our solutions are tested to ensure they are interoperable with Cisco Unified Communications by undergoing regular Interoperability Verification Testing (IVT).

  • Arc Solutions: Cisco Preferred Developer Network partner
  • Arc Pro, APAS Provisioning, QMS and Proteus are Cisco Compatible solutions
  • Our solutions are also tested alongside other software solutions to ensure compatibility as part of the wider UC solution

Arc 6.2 Enhancements

User experience uplift
  • New Console Call History Panel – A fresh, new console call history panel offers greater visibility of general call traffic to and from the operator as well as their outcome and information.
  • Application icon refresh – Updates to all of the applications within the Arc suite, both client and server side.
  • Better support for Windows User Authentication Control – save time by enabling the Arc installation to progress without needing to disable the Windows User Authentication Control protection.
  • Support for Cisco Single Sign On (SSO) in applications and server components dramatically improves the security of the system and speed of use
Performance and accuracy improvements
  • Improved support for Extension Mobility via updated DRM engine – more accurate call handling by specifically by resolving the correct device when the Cisco Extension Mobility feature is enabled.
  • Improved support for E.164 number resolution to device presence status in directory – seamlessly allows the device to be automatically located reducing time and administration.
Improvements to Cisco UCM Synchronisation process
  • New configuration option for single key blind transfer, with timer – Adding the ability to perform a blind transfer to an extension destination by pressing the transfer key only once improving the user experience.
  • CUCM 11.5 (note that 11.x is already supported in Arc 6.1.1)
  • Windows 10, 8.1
  • VMWare ESXi 6+
  • Skype for Business 2015
  • Accessibility support with JAWS Screen Reader 16
  • Enghouse QMS Call Recording 2016

Improving security globally

Enghouse Interactive as part of its Arc product has been embarking on a two-year journey to dramatically improve Information Security and reduce risk globally on its Arc Call Centre and Attendant Console capabilities.

The major security project is a key deliverable for Enghouse and its Cisco capabilities and is focused on improving a standardised approach to security assessment, authorisation, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and service. It means we now have even better processes and controls that will lead to the development of more secure services for you.

Make a great first impression on your callers. Our operator console solutions combine superior call handling features with rich directory and presence information.