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7 steps to reduce call abandon rates

Reduce Call Abandon Rates Infographic

7 steps to reduce call abandon rates

Your call abandonment rate reflects your service delivery. Typically, anything over 8% needs attention.

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Customer expectations are growing and tolerance for poor service is shrinking, along with your staff. Follow these seven simple steps to optimise your service delivery and reduce your contact centre abandonment

  • Understand the data and test the experience
  • Learn about your customers and their preferences
  • Deflect! Offer 24/7 self-service options
  • Offer call-backs
  • Have a plan to quickly add resource for activity peaks
  • Let customers know how long they may have to wait
  • Shorten AHT, improve FCR

Interested in learning more?  Download the guide full of tips on how you can improve the wait experience and many other fixes.


Your customers want to interact with organisations that value their time, in ways that are painless, quick, and easy. To meet these demands, ensure you have the right customer interaction solutions in place. Not only to respond successfully every time but also manage, monitor, measure and gain even more insight and value from customer interactions.