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Power customer or patient interactions with video

Secure Video Chat

Power customer or patient interactions with video

Use live and secure video chat to connect with your customers

Secure Video Chat

Video is definitely not just another channel. In the moments that matter most, video customer engagement dramatically outperforms all other existing channels.

Face-to-face human interaction via your website, kiosk, or mobile apps help build trust that drives long-term, high-value customer relationships. And because it enables much better understanding, video chat shortens call handling times and increases first call resolution rates.

Add video to your contact centre
Secure Video Chat

Secure Video Chat Platform for Customer Engagement

Secure Video Chat
Face to Face Conversation

Bridge the gap between online convenience and personal connections. Make it simple for your customers to connect with you visually, right from your website, mobile app, or in-branch kiosk.

Live Video Chat
Virtual Waiting Rooms

While customers wait, automatically stream a video tailored to the situation. Whether it’s your latest update or an advertisement, streaming video helps keep them engaged and connected with your brand.

Match Customers with Agent Skills

Efficiently handle a wider variety of inbound calls by matching agent skills to customer needs. Assign incoming calls to the most suitable customer care agent, instead of simply choosing the next available agent.

Extend Your Brand Across Channels

Reassure your customers with a consistent, professionally branded and customised video channel experience, complete with video, audio, and document sharing.

Easy Integration

Embed video into your existing contact center or CRM platform. Add digital identity verification and digital signature workflows to your video meetings, and much more.

Feedback and Reporting

Empower your customers by offering post-call surveys. Gain valuable insights from simple-to-click star ratings, multiple choice or free text fields.

Secure Video Chat
Meet, or even exceed, your customer expectations

Video calling is now the ‘new normal’, meaning your customers are more practiced at virtual face-to-face interactions. Providing an “in-person” video experience with a more personalised touch will build trust and drive business.

Improve key customer service metrics

Customers feel more engaged and emotionally connected over video than any other digital medium. As a result, this will improve key metrics such as net promoter scores, customer satisfaction, and customer lifetime value.

Grow revenue, increase efficiency and ROI

Emotional connections also foster reduce churn and increase revenue and sales. Additionally, visual troubleshooting and “see-what-I-see” services translate into higher first call resolution and reduced average handling time.

Develop closer relationships. Deliver better outcomes and increase satisfaction.

Power customer interactions with video.

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