Transform team collaboration

Enterprise Video Meeting Solution

Transform team collaboration

Video Meetings & Conferencing

More than ever, organisations are investing in enterprise video meeting solutions so their remote teams can communicate and collaborate more effectively. And now it’s easier to deploy, scale and support desktop video conferencing.

The good news is that people are more engaged over video than any other remote collaboration technology. Moreover, desktop video collaboration drastically improves concentration, making every meeting more productive and efficient.

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Enterprise Video Meeting Solution
Build Resilience, Stay Connected

Video conferencing supports remote workers and maintains corporate culture. From board meetings to daily huddles, virtual face-to-face meetings add that human touch.

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Easy for Anyone to Use

With a unified user experience across mobile, desktop and conference room endpoints, VidyoConnect™ delivers the consistency, ease-of-use and rich features that drive adoption.

No Hassles or Downloads

Meeting with partners, vendors, and clients? No problem. External participants can join meetings easily with the simplicity and convenience of a browser.

Flexible Deployment Options

The choice of on-premise, cloud, and hybrid deployment means flexibility and an adaptable solution that meets your specific needs.

Streamline Advanced Workflows

Whether it’s whiteboarding, controlling a far-end camera, or dialing a legacy video conferencing system directly from your mobile.

Host up to 200 Participants

Make effective top-down communications, respond quickly to changing market conditions, corporate policies and COVID-19 guidance.

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Cut down on distractions and multitasking

Video cuts down on the tendency to multitask. The personal touch of ‘virtual’ face-to-face interaction is shown to improve customer engagement. This helps to build trust and strengthen relationships critical to business success.

Easily Organize Meetings and Conversations

Create virtual rooms based on teams, topics, projects, or anything else. Virtual meeting spaces can be integrated into scheduled meeting calendars or for ad-hoc conversations — simply select a room and click “Join”.

All-inclusive subscription means no surprises

VidyoConnect provides all-inclusive enterprise-grade video collaboration in any context, from simple browser-based video to desktop and mobile apps, unlimited legacy endpoint connectivity, phone dial-in, and recording.

Stay Connected, Turn on Vidyo

Vidyo is doing its part to support organisations around the world adapt to the Covid-19 outbreak. For a limited time, receive a temporary license to our cloud-based Vidyo solution, with no obligation.

Connect remotely at no cost – no strings attached

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