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Enrich communication by adding video chat everywhere

Embed video interaction

Enrich communication by adding video chat everywhere

Embed high-quality video communication into any app

Embed Video Communication

Offer virtual face-to-face interaction and increase adoption of your app by adding high-quality video communications.

With enterprise-grade video quality, healthcare-grade privacy and patented routing technology, your users will experience true conversational video with crystal clarity.

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Embed Video Communication Into Any App
Rock-Solid Reliability

Benefit from over a decade of R&D. Leverage deep expertise in supporting customer engagement, telehealth, video banking, workforce collaboration, and more.

Patented Routing Technology

Benefit from both temporal and spatial scalability, adjusting the frame rate and resolution to precisely target the best experience for your device.

Crystal Clear Video

In robust network environments that leverage 4K and 5K displays, you can enjoy the most stunning quality imaginable, up to 16x better than the industry status quo 720p.

Error Resilience

Overcome the challenges of unpredictable mobile and wireless networks. Patented dynamic adaptation technologies provide usable video in challenging network conditions – up to 20% packet loss.

Cloud Contact Centre Migration
Unburden Your Developers

Developers can focus on building a great app rather than becoming video experts. With a cloud-hosted option, your developers will rapidly embed group video chat into mobile, web, and desktop apps.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Protect your communications and private information from would-be hackers with malicious intent with strong security processes and industry-standard technologies.

embed video communication
Increase adoption by adding high-quality video communications

Our platform makes it simple to embed video into anything with a processor and a screen. From smartphone apps to smart glasses, drones, to the Internet of Things and beyond.

Powers video communications across industries

Whether you are looking to deliver care through telehealth, improve customer loyalty via in-branch kiosks, bring together educators and students for online learning or enabling “See-What-I-See” sessions with remote experts, we are here to help.

Faster time to market

Our APIs dramatically simplify the complexity of building cross platform interactive video with consistent cross platform APIs resulting in less time learning new APIs and fewer bugs.

Ultimate Choice in Deployment

VidyoPlatform gives users unparalleled control over their video solution by offering virtually every deployment option:


Unique private instance with the highest degree of control

Private Cloud

The benefits of on-premises but leveraging your chosen cloud platform


Adaptive hybrid provides continuous bandwidth optimisation

Multi-Tenant Cloud

Easy to deploy and scale, powered by a global footprint of data centres

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