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Create your own scalable cloud contact centre offering

Solutions for Service Providers

Create your own scalable cloud contact centre offering

Our contact centre solutions for service providers are designed to offer a flexible environment that easily scales up 10,000s of seats.

Our highly reliable platform was architected from the ground up for multi-tenant, cloud-based delivery of contact centre as a service.

Being able to scale your operation up and down adds significant flexibility to business planning. With Contact Center: Service Provider™ you can enter new markets with less risk. Respond quickly to unexpected peaks and bring new contact centres online within days.

Contact centre solutions for service providers
Integrated Microsoft Teams Contact Centre
One single view of operations

Integrate old and new applications and services and deliver rapid, high quality information through a single, intuitive interface.

Business Continuity

Deliver the resilience and performance you need. Activate anywhere, quickly – add new agents or amend call-routing rules in seconds.

Integrated Microsoft Teams Contact Centre
Cost Effective

Only pay for the services you need, when you need them. As operational rather than capital costs this can mean significant savings.

Benefit from easy-to-use administrative interfaces and the ability to customise offerings that delivers the right features and value to customers.

Contact Centre Solutions for Service Providers

A single platform with ACD, IVR, CTI, predictive dialling, multimedia recording and administrative tools that grows and flexes with requirements. Add multichannel functionality and benefit from all our industry-leading capabilities.

Contact Centre Options

Increase customer loyalty and average spend. Reduce cost of transaction without affecting service quality. Increase first contact resolution and agent efficiency. Deliver a first-class service to all customers.

Self-Service Options

Offer a choice of self-service channels to manage simple or routine tasks and be self-sufficient. Free up agents to focus on higher-value interactions whilst simultaneously increasing productivity, efficiency and reducing costs.

Quality Control & Insights

Monitor and improve your quality of service. Manage, evaluate, and coach your workforce. Reduce liability and achieve regulatory compliance. Use AI to gain actionable customer insights and optimise your customer experience.

Video Collaboration

Stay connected and remain resilient in the face of disruptions. Enrich your digital customer experiences with video. Enable fast, clear and above all secure communication between your remote workforce and customers.


Streamline your contact centre and back-office processes. Integrate technology, information, communication, and collaborative capabilities to deliver a seamless experience to your customers.

Reception & Call Handling

Combine superior call handling features with rich directory and real-time presence information.

Contact Centre Solutions for Service Providers

Rich feature sets, high reliability, and scalability to serve the mission-critical needs of your clients.

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