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Knowledge is at the heart of delivering CX excellence

Knowledge Management

Knowledge is at the heart of delivering CX excellence

Support your customers and teams with Knowledge Management

Relevant knowledge underpins all successful self-service systems for agents and customers


Effective knowledge management supports faster, more accurate and efficient service that drives increased loyalty and revenues.

Invest in knowledge management to support agents internally when responding to customers by phone and via digital channels. Use it to power AI chatbots or provide answers to customers via self-service.

Knowledge really is power. Break down silos and integrate your knowledge across all channels to deliver a superior customer experience.

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Keep Content Up to Date Easily

Add new content easily and create attractive knowledge articles using a WYSIWYG system. Embed media such as videos to enrich information or add interactive tables and other widgets.

Improve and Enhance Continually

Built on self-learning, our knowledge base learns from the way it is used which content is best for answering a specific question. Every interaction continues to refine and enhance the relevance of content.

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Engage Customers Worldwide

Deliver multi-language support and ensure the response is consistent, whatever the language. Localise your content in more than 25 languages to serve your customers in their native language.

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Dynamic Quick Links

Make your knowledge base more engaging and easier to navigate. Enhance the user experience through dynamic quick links such as ‘my recent documents’, ‘most viewed’, and ‘new and updated’

Integrate Your Knowledge Anywhere

Ensure knowledge is consistent. Deep-link to knowledge content to enable tighter integration with telephony systems, CRM and other web applications.

Control Access

Choose who can view your knowledge base. Restrict some content for your agents and experts only and make the rest available to for customers self-service.

Omnichannel Knowledge
Share the Power of Your Omnichannel Knowledge

Enhance the customer, agent, and even bot experience across all channels and platforms by providing relevant, consistent answers automatically.

Build A Constantly Learning Asset

Our AI-powered intelligent search is built on self-learning. This means, it continually improves the accuracy of answers, ensuring a high-quality customer experience. Every interaction continues to refine the relevance of content using both customers’ and agents’ search histories.

Make Your Knowledge Stand Out

Knowledge goes out of date quickly, so it is vital that your solution is easy to use. Creating, editing and enriching content in our knowledge base is remarkably simple. Information can be published in a click and requires no content tagging or programming of concepts.

Failing to deliver the right information at the right time impacts loyalty and revenues. For example, 84% of consumers will move to a rival if they don’t get an answer through web self-service.

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