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Enhance your CX via automated and self-service processes

Actionable Notifications

Enhance your CX via automated and self-service processes

Use actionable notifications to reduce repetitive tasks

Inform & empower customers


Keep your customers are efficiently informed and up to date on their interactions with your business with automated outbound notifications.

Send actionable notifications via SMS, email or integrated into business apps allowing two-way communication.

Enable your customers to self-serve 24/7 and reduce demand on your contact centre and business resources.

actionable notifications
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Effortless setup & implementation

Easily manage message templates, schedules and initiate outbound campaigns via a web-based portal.

Be Compliant

Avoid harassing customers with features such as do-not-call lists, customer opt-outs, and time-of-day rules.

Personalise and Enhance CX

Integrate the actionable notifications platform with your backend systems such as customer database or order tracking solution.

Retail Notifications

Order notifications, delivery reminders and CSAT survey invites.

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Healthcare Notifications

Send out appointment reminders and prescription refills.

Housing Associations Notifications

Rent reminders, log repairs, and service schedules.

Integrated Microsoft Teams Contact Centre
Finance and Banking Notifications

Balance updates and overdraft or fraud alerts.

Insurance Notifications

issue renewal notices and claims updates.

Unexpected Problems

Alerts in case of service outages or office closures.

actionable notifications
Omnichannel platform

Enable your customers to interact with your business by their preferred channel: voice, SMS, email or mobile website.

Deepen Engagement

Personalise outbound actionable notifications to enhance the customer experience.

Reduce demand on contact centre resources

Actionable notifications reduce number of repetitive tasks processed by contact centre agents.

Find out how you can enhance your customer experience via automated and self-service processes while driving down operational costs.

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Integrate actionable notifications with your contact centre solution, facilitating the seamless transition of self- service to assisted service. Remove the need for customers to repeat information that has already been captured or entered.