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How to empower your customers to self-serve


How to empower your customers to self-serve

Make self-service work for you


Today’s consumers want to interact with companies in ways that are painless, quick, effective. More than ever, they want to be able to find instant answers 24×7 on whatever device they have at hand.

That’s why customers increasingly expect the convenience and reassurance of self-service. They are happy to use chatbots, AI, speech recognition, touch tone, SMS, web, forums, and innovative mobile options. All of which are quick to implement, powerful, and extremely cost-effective.

Show your customers that you value their time and make self-service work for you.

web self-service

Empower your customers. Free up your agents. Our solutions increase satisfaction for all.

Chatbots & AI

Serve and support your customers 24/7 with AI-powered solutions. Free up your agents and experts to respond more valuable and complex queries.

Interactive Voice and Visual Response

Automate simple, repetitive interactions with a wide range of speech recognition, touch-tone, and mobile IVR solutions.

Knowledge Management

Underpin your self-service with a self-learning, centralised knowledge base that can be shared between different channels and across your organisation.

Online Communities & Crowd Sourcing

Enable consumers to find answers by tapping into the wisdom of the crowd via online communities, support forums and other sites.

Actionable Notifications

Keep your customers informed and up to date with automated via voice, email and SMS messages and self-service processes.

Self-service has never been more relevant to the customer experience. Consumers want the ability to be self-sufficient and find information, while businesses need to cope with unprecedented demand at a time of huge pressure on their resources. Enghouse Interactive can help you on your self-service journey.

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Choose the self-service capabilities that work best for your company – as you need them. Deploy voice, chatbot, video messaging, SMS, mobile automation and email communications, as well as knowledge management solutions, without any hassle.