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Reception & Call Handling Helpdesks

A a voice-only call centre and helpdesk solution. Which is scalable and easy to install, it helps organisations manage their internal and external customer interactions fast, intelligently and efficiently, maximising resources and increasing customer satisfaction.

Incoming calls are allocated based on predefined criteria, such as availability, priority and skill level, so callers are connected to the right person straight away.

A low cost for call centre functionality

The Helpdesk solution is an excellent, low-cost  alternative to a fully-featured, multi-channel contact centre. It has  been deployed by hundreds of customers who require helpdesk  functionality but do not want to invest in expensive consultation or customisation.

The solution supports up to 200 agents per server  and can be installed quickly and easily on the same server as the operator console.

Whether managing an internal helpdesk, customer service centre,
or sales department – our helpdesk solutions help organisations provide the best possible customer service, every time.


  • Call queues support business rules and in-queue messaging
  • Skills-based routing and directory transfers
  • Live information on agent status and queues with wait times
  • Extensive reporting options and performance statistics
  • Centralised, web-based management/administration
  • Low cost of ownership, and can be deployed from the same server
    as your console for business or enterprise

Simple to install and is ideal for helpdesk deployment and departmental answering.

It is all about the first impression that customers get when calling Roche… Operators can quickly see if the requested correspondent is available or not, accessing various directories among 80 000 subscribers. They can efficiently meet caller requests. Roche expectations was that this experience would be the same in each country.
We designed a console solution that is centrally managed, remotely deployed, scalable, secure and fully redundant.


Enghouse Interactive Console for Helpdesk Solution

Our console for helpdesk is the perfect interaction management platform for organisations that need to help their departments or teams to answer incoming calls intelligently and efficiently.

It can be used to power helpdesks, customer service centres, sales departments or call centres, where capabilities such as intelligent routing, agent log on/off and management reporting are vital in providing internal and external customers with the best possible service.

The solution has a simple user interface that comprises telephony functions, queue information, real-time performance statistics and a message board for supervisors to relay important information. The discrete toolbar provides the right amount of functionality for the user and leaves the desktop clear for other business applications.

Calls are allocated to agents based on predefined criteria, such as availability, priority and skill level. Calls are distributed and prioritised based on specified business rules, and are routed into pre-defined queues when agents are not available.

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Understanding your customers’ needs is vital for providing outstanding service. Helpdesk Edition provides completion codes that enable managers to track information relating to each call, such as source of the enquiry, the product or information a caller was interested in. To ensure that agent activity and availability is accurately monitored, codes can be input when agents log off. These statistics also help with accurate resource planning.

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Many agents find they need to transfer calls or provide customers with additional information. The intuitive interface provides links to useful URLs such as web pages or the operator console directory to search for contacts quickly and easily.

The links can be configured by queue so that only information relevant to the current call is displayed and directory access can be restricted to agents that need it. For added ease of use, Click-2-Dial allows agents to make calls from the directory by simply clicking on telephone numbers .


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Agents, supervisors and managers can only ensure that service levels are maintained if accurate performance data is available. The Helpdesk Edition provides over 250 reports based on different levels such as helpdesk, queue, and individual agents, and both historical and real-time performance data.

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