Quality and Control Continuously monitor and improve to increase performance and efficiencies.

Soft Evaluators – Real-Time Speech Analytics

Treating customers fairly is one of the key parts of improving customer experience. This is not only a regulatory requirement but also necessary to improve customer loyalty. Think about how your agents and customers react with each other and what is happening with their emotions on calls.  Imagine having a solution that can evaluate live calls to identify if there is cross-talking, changes in conversional tone, speech ratio balance, the speech volume and the stress levels of both parties. Enghouse Interactive can help with the latest Real Time Speech Analytics – Soft Evaluator tool

Unique approach to the voice of the customer

The voice channel is still the number one channel of choice according to Contact Babel, therefore it is important you can identify the types of behaviour – good and bad – to achieve successful call resolution. The soft evaluator tools are presented live to the agent to fast-track them to a level of competency that should reduce attrition based on concerns in real time rather than in post mortem.  Therefore the soft evaluators not only help improve customer satisfaction but the chance to understand the type of agent language and behaviour that yields the best results.

It is this unique approach which is setting Enghouse Interactive Soft Evaluators capabilities apart from the competition. It can be deployed as a standalone, part of the full Real-Time Speech Analytics suite or integrated to the overall Quality Management or Contact Centre solution to continue to control, monitor and improve performance.


Ensure clarity and speed of conversation to improve agent performance

Gauge and manage stress levels in call to encourage empathy and improve customer loyalty

Encourage listening skills and avoid cross talking to increase customer satisfactory

Keep your customers continuously up to date with the process of the call even when agent needs to check information across the business

Reduce operating expenses and save money by identifying areas of improvement

Reduce customer attrition by minimises errors and complaints

Modular software with open interfaces for easy integration

Typical ROI of under six months

Call Quality

Self-coaching live in calls can immediately improve your service levels