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Forecast, schedule and optimise your workforce

Workforce Management

Forecast, schedule and optimise your workforce

Workforce Management solutions to balance CX and operational efficiency

Accurate forecasting is one of the biggest contact centre challenges


Too many advisors can result in low agent occupancy and higher operating costs. Too few agents may lead to missed Service Level Targets, high attrition rates as well as frustrated customers.

Enghouse Interactive Workforce Management optimises and balances operational efficiency and customer experience. Our solutions can help you manage your workforce, forecast demand, create schedules automatically and develop accurate, insightful reports.

Ensure your customer service organisation has the right person, with the right skills, at the right place and time.

From your contact centre, back-office to branches and shops, empower and motivate your agents to meet, or exceed, customer expectations.

Workforce Management
Plan and Forecast Proactively

Calculate the optimal number of agents required to meet customer demand. Forecast using historical data and parameters such as customer behaviour patterns, response targets, skills, opening hours and channels. Take seasonal variations, market trends, campaign periods and other long-range factors into consideration.

Keep Your Skills on Track

Meet the challenge of planning for workforce training and recruitment. Our solution tracks and manages each agent’s skill sets, levels, employment status and job criteria. Supervisors can highlight missing skill sets to guide recruitment and review future training and skill development for individual agents.

Automate and Optimise Scheduling

Optimise workforce scheduling based on multi-skill and multi-channel forecasting, multiple locations, agent preferences, local regulations and company policies. Prioritise skills so that mission-critical capabilities are always available. Manage sudden changes by automatically providing a new, optimised schedule.

Plan for The Future

Understand how call volumes, call duration or agent skill sets affect parameters. Easily perform recruitment analysis and budget planning by scheduling for a series of different scenarios. Prepare for “what if” scenarios and be much better equipped to provide an appropriate response to ever-changing requirements.

Boost Employee Engagement

Agents can view and trade shifts, request holidays and submit working hours preferences through a dedicated portal. To improve motivation and productivity, agents can also access their own performance reports. More participation leads to greater employee satisfaction, improves schedule adherence, and lowers staff turnover.

Evaluate and Improve Profitability

Use analysis tools evaluate your contact centre processes and performance, plan future initiatives and manage personnel costs. Share access to reports and information via a web portal. Review future training and skill development requirements. Analyse what actually works and identify areas for improvement more quickly.

workforce management
No More Juggling of Schedules

Supervisors typically spend several days a week on scheduling agents manually. Automating Workforce Management significantly reduces the amount of scheduling time. Free your contact centre supervisors to spend time on more effective activities such as monitoring and coaching.

Optimise Operational Flexibility and Maximise Your Service Levels

Accurately forecast call volumes, leverage flexible scheduling processes, provide real-time adherence data, and produce reports that measure agent, contact centre, sales and support team performance.

Increase Employee Engagement and Operational Efficiency

Empowering your agents to influence their schedules and check how they are performing against KPIs. Agents become motivated by feeling they are contributing to the performance of the business which results in better schedule adherence and significantly lower attrition rates.

Optimise staffing and deliver customer service excellence. Ensure your customer service organisation has the right person, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time – regardless of the method of contact.

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